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Zul Marathon - by Veenu

We normally have only 2 official raid nights. But this week we had decided to beat Zul. We have only fought the Tigerboss once, and lost. We had never seen the Pantherboss. But the rest of the animal priests we had mastered.

So Monday night we headed in, and decided to start with the hardest, the cats.

I won't talk long on this, but remember, when people use the word "casual" in reference to small guilds, they are incorrect in their wordage. So next time you happen to be trolling the WoW forums keep that in mind. Hopefully Blizzard will continue to realize larger does not equal harder. They have disproved themselves numerous times already.

Now on with the tale. I will be going into great detail on the Panther boss, because it sums up some phankish thinking, so if you don't want a full strat on her, I suggest you scroll down until you get to the lava pictures.

So we made it to a big temple we had never seen, so it can only be the home of the Panther. Phank's spoiler free in Zul, but we know how many bosses are in the zone. Now here is our story of figuring this mob out. We got to what we believed to be her room.
It was a long dark room with a big clickable gong at the end.
We sent a tank in to click it.
And good god a lot of panthers began coming in.
A whole lot.
And we of course all died. But we pondered the layout of the room, since zul uses the layouts in odd ways. Like what was up with the straw?
So that was the first wipe of many. Then we thought, maybe we could kite the panthers around the room with snare totems.
That didn't work.
But we noticed that Jaly lasted just about forever with a lot of panthers on him. So maybe we could have tanks occupy the cats. But first we did some kinda crazy AE plan.
Which didn't work.
So we then added in constant fearing. Which didn't work either. But we got another clue. We learned that the cats pretty much leave you alone if you leave them alone, and don't have a big arrow on your head.
So one of us thought to have two tanks at the opening where the panthers come out, to detain them as long as they can. And this was probably attempt 6 or so, and we were all getting crazy from it.
So we had two tanks be at the entrances of the panther spawn areas to gather them up. This kinda worked, but we still all died. The next time Aps fought his panthers in on the straw and it was wonderful. So the next time both sides did this.
And someone said to keep the arrowed people dead center, not to one side or the other, which also worked great.
So after one more wipe, and talking it out, we went in again. Two tanks, up on straw with our arrowed people centered.
And we got it down. And for a reward we got pally loot and a bag! Joy.
So that was a glorious first night of our marathon. We finished off the night by killing Snake dude and went to bed. The next day we headed back in, and since we had a full 20 people we went for the hardest animal in there, the Tiger.
And we totally died over and over again.
We just couldn't figure out what to do with him when he was in tiger form. So we ended that night on a loss.
It was pretty depressing. We were hoping to win that time, but now our hopes of Hakkar on the marathon were gone. So we came back in the next night, the last night of our marathon, broken.
So even though our marathon was not as glorious in quantity as we had hoped, we had a beautiful Panther battle, and for that it was worth it. We were also reminded how much we hate raiding every night.

Speaking of raids, we had high hopes of beating Ragnaros this week.

The raid was strong and had a flawless path to the boss. Things were looking bright.
But they just couldn't do it. I have a good feeling about next sunday however. It will be the night.

After the horrible loss to Rag, people needed to burn off steam. So some of us went into Alterac Valley. It has been a very long time for some of us in there. And right away the Horde was losing. Unorganized, outgunned.

So a small handful of us snuck behind enemy lines to get a little extra faction before the loss.

Only a couple people tried to stop us. So we thought, hey let's get a graveyard. Then hey let's get another.
Soon our numbers grew and we crossed the bridge to their base.
This kind of sneaky PvP was way funner than earlier just piles of people pushing each other back and forth.
We actually had a chance, but as we were almost ready to attack their general, the game was won by the Alliance. As usual. But it was more fun than any PvP instance I have done. Good times.

So next Monday, plan on coming for photo's of Rag's death. It will happen.

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