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This week we did a lowbie raid and the 60's are working towards their first raid too. If you count a 7 person group as a raid.

Also for some reason Blizzard felt like messing up our perfectly lovely lag free server and now it crashes almost every day. I wish I understood how they broke it. Alas.

We had way too many family members and friends on the other day so the 25's all made a raid.
It was fun, but wow the xp was soooooo bad. Also, playing dungeons made for 5 is not as fun when you add more people. So we won't be doing that again, but it was still nice to be with all these people. They really should have a mid level raid instance for fun.
Jaly sent a few shots in, and also a collage of their trip to zul. Click this image to see it:
He thought the above ceiling was gross and wanted to disgust all of us.
They also played with shrinking. And speaking of gnomes, Jumpp found the love of his life this week.
A little Romeo and Juliet there.
And our server was crashing and laggy all week after their "fix" to their system.
Here are Olriech's picts from the week. They are having some more Phankers join their 60-dom like Tanzen and Cintra.
Note that that is Kinthalas' God Staff as she calls it. And below I think is a shot of what they call Zombie Derby. Not sure.
We are all getting up there in level, even people that thought they had no chance of "catching up" are in their 30's. This makes me happy.

So now back to mah shots...

If you are a female gamer age 20-28, cute, not insane, and don't mind a guy that's poor in cooking school - please contact Zandor.
Thuggo sent G and me some new threads.
It sure is funny in WoW. Sure there were a lot of server problems this week and last, but it's still not as bad as Shadowbane. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

One thing that I was reminded of in WoW is that each group make-up had a different dynamic. Like having Gastnor in our group, he is used to a crew that's only crowd control is sap. And our group is used to having two mages. It's really cool that just changing one or two classes makes a whole different kind of experience and strats. Good times.

This week we also have a new story for you. It's on Women Gamers and Non-Gamers. Hope you like it. I know it's a lot to ask since as how it has no pictures.

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