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Phank Dies! (their hair) - by Veenu

"Close" sums up this week. We had a lot of very strong battles, ending in defeat. We also had many successes, doing things we havn't done before. On Monday we got Onyxia down below half for the first time (just us phankers), and we mastered where to move to avoid DB. We are trying to do her in house, which makes for quite the challenge. Another fun adventure was farming skins in MC in house. About 20 phankers headed in.

And we had to learn the spawn rates for this new pace and amount of people. It was totally hilarious.
But we got it down, and we got a huge amount of leather.
We made a whole buncha armor kits, and a few packs for our Warlocks.
But we didn't get any cores, until we were about to leave and Jaly pulled a surprise.
And then Jaly pulled another and we all left him, there were a couple casualties.
Good times. We also went into Zul. As usual we started with about 13, and ramped up to 16 or so.
We got some neat looking weapons that no one would use.
And we fought a new boss. He was pretty hard, but we got him on try 2.
The next night, even though we were low on numbers again we killed all the easier bosses so we thought we would give Jindo a try.
We died a lot.
So on a loss we ended that pain. Now one of the best losses of the week was Ragnaros. I hadn't been on a joint raid in a long time, and wow was I impressed. It was so well run, so well fought, and faaaaast.
So we get to Rag and we all get in position.
And we engaged.
And we lost, but it was looking great. The new patch has done wonders for DPS and finally Rag is at a more appropriate difficulty level, thank god. "But Phank, I beat him when it was uber hard!" Yes, that's amazing, but we are happy not to spend months of our lives on one boss. Oh wait, we already have.
And on I think our 3rd attempt, we did this:
And then I think Silvrhand killed us all, then we had no soul stones up, or any shaman rezes (you can see why on our roster.) so it was either over or...
So the rogues and druids went in, did top notch ninja work and got to our corpses in the lair.
And then a few people went LD, we ran out of soulstones, and a warlock had to go LD, and the queue was a 30 minute wait.
But alas, we tried one last time.
It was a great time. Special points go to our potion man Kozz, he really came though with a lot of them. Very sad to lose due to the game being broken. But now we see why so many guilds on our server are beating him now, it's great. We hope all guilds have an easier time than us, and the guilds to beat him before 1.9.
In Phank, everyone is an officer, so our guild messages are constantly evolving.
That's Gunter up there being launched. The faire is in town and it sucks, except for the canon. The entire faire should be minigames. Not "collect 10 eyeballs" for tickets. That's pathetic! Sala has a million good ideas like Gnome Tossing.
As I said earlier, we are all officers so officer chat is never used unless we get really bored.
So that was our week. Lots of losses, but a lot of wins with low numbers. I can't wait for our Zul marathon kicking off tonight! Wish us luck!
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