Lost in Translation

In Final Fantasy they have two major cultures: Americans and Japanese. They put in a little Auto Translate ability to help us communicate with one another. The Japanese are also able to type out English letters, but us Americans are not so lucky to get Japanese symbols. So we hit our text box and either start typing a word, or not and hit TAB which brings up this:

Then we can choose what we want to say:
And it will translate it to the other language. It puts little red and green brackets on it so you know it is being translated.
They do not have all the words we would want, like "Follow me" or other important ways to communicate to the group. But they do have odd ones. So as you can imagine this brings us Phankers much joy.
It has become the "Gems" of Final Fantasy - Great for passing the time.
We also fought some mobs and improved our Renkei style.
We also died a lot, and Nobbynob sent in this wonderful diary of his many deaths.
And some of him not dead, but just short.
Here is Jaly's alt being dead. It was from last week, but I forgot it.
At some point around level 25 everyone must kill a dragon. You can have your higher level friends help, they just get knocked down to level 25. It is a great way to keep an encounter the difficulty one would want it to be. Gracor sent these picts in:
So all in all it was a nice week, and good to hang with Phankers.
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