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This week we were all busy in any number of instances at every level of the game. Some of us were in Wailing Caverns, some Uldaman, some in Scholomance. Whatever the level range we were all trying to do them at levels earlier than they were meant to be done, just for the sake of challenge.

We also had some strains on the guild earlier this week because we have a lot of people in this game, mostly burnt out ubers that still love the challenge of a strong guild, but not the hassle. So we are all working on making /gu a decent place free of spoilers and bragging/dick measuring/one upping. We can over react too, but we have had some awesome threads on our forums talking about it, seeing what people think etc. And by the end of the week, all stress was gone.

I have to say one of the funniest things all week was Salabak turning into an ice cube. Ice mages are rare, so I had never seen this.

Olriech, Kaellana, Svolthoh, Naydien and Kinthalas all killed a big dragon this week also, well maybe it was last week and he just didn't send in the images. Also Kaellana sent a couple of these in.
For one reason or another Phank hasn't been too big on boss corpse shots unless they are entertaining and not just trophy shots. But he died. Twice. To one group.
My crew finally did an evil dungeon that we were only able to beat in beta with 7 people. It's nice to beat your own records. Even nicer to beat what the devs say an event is tuned to do. 
We died a couple times. Usually we are only 4 people, but Lothaar has been hanging with us lately, which makes for a new dynamic. And every time a new group make-up happens it takes a couple times to figure out the strat. Once our only healer Subvertio went LD. We decided to pull the rest of the zone and fight it.
Both sides died slowly except Lothaar and one enemy. They had a shoot out.
And both killed each other.

So Sub got back on and we continued the journey, this time straight for the boss.

That's Jumpp breathing his Dragon Chili. Anyways, after one more death, we adjusted one simple thing (switched people's duties a bit) and we won.
Yet of course, the priest died. So we all bit the bullet, totally failed the quest and went back for him. We then rode the respawn wave back to the end, and got all of us the prize.

As epic as that was, there were even more epic battles, and this time in the low 20's.

And other insane groups.
I think WoW is made for an alt since some people level so fast. And all classes are just wonderful.
Olriech sent in some pictures, but one of the folders said on it "SPOILERS" and had inside it files such as "Spoiler 01.jpg" and "BIGSPOILER.jpg". So I totally didn't even look at the BIGSPOILER photos, but I did look at the others cause they contained photos of Svolthoh as a woman. So if you wanna look at them click here and here. I think those two are slightly not too spoilerish! Anyways, here are his non-spoiler events. They got the key to upper Blackrock Spire this week too.
I remember the above quest from beta. Blizzard writes some quests that are simply moving. I hear the high end has a whole lotta great writing. It makes a difference. I will do the lamest collection quest in the world if it has a good tale and a tear jerker ending.
They beat that dragon too.
I think Jumpp, Nobby and Crash will make it their mission in life to get that Gnome item.
Here's Olriech's rampaging pet.
Kaellana sent in a throne photo also. I hate to say it, but I think Kinthalas has you beat in the sexy department Ol!
We also did our own thrown shot, and this time Lothaar wasn't there to mess it up!
Now back to Ol picts:
I love Scarlet guys. I can not wait to kill them again.
Thanks Ol for that 2 weeks worth of screenshots :) and if you didn't notice from the above photo Zagtor/Aenro is back.
Nobby also sent some in too:
Thanks Nobby! Ok now back to more:
Jeeze, this update is giving the BAQP a run for it's money!

But wait! There's more!

omg just one more, I think...
Big updates happen when I play like a fiend. Also when Olriech sends in two weeks worth of screenshots. Just be thankful Jalynfane didn't get his in on time!

Wow, Phank is really getting up there in levels. Soon zee raiding shall begin...

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