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Hello, 2006! Bye bye, last year! Ahhhh, what adventures we can look forward to experiencing over the year ahead: bringing down Ragnaros, taking over Blackwing Lair, entering new instances, exploring vast new lands, seeing new races. Destiny awaits us, and it will be a blast. Happy New Year, Phank! -- Cru

This past week we managed to go to Zul'Gurub three times. That's a Phank record! The first night, we took down Snake Guy and the Bloodlord. The second time, we just worked on mobs.
The third visit was to a reset ZG instance. Snake Guy was a remarkably close fight, but we won just the same. The Bloodlord was, you know, the Bloodlord. Then it was off to the Edge of Madness area, where we fought (and utterly destroyed) some imps and then Boss Wushoolay.
Our joint raid with Hjouse to Molten Core was a pleasure as always.
Side note: the jinx didn't take effect THAT night. However, read on.... ><
Other days of the week we enjoyed in typical Phank style.
The first day of 2006 we headed with Hjouse to Molten Core, eager and ready to pick a fight with Ragnaros. And we were on fire. Smoking, I tell you! And also in flames, on occasion.
We got to Majordomo so very quickly and were all looking forward to some quality time with Ragnaros. But then, just as we were about to fight Majordomo and his minions, we found WoW had something in store for us... it booted us from the server. One by one we s-l-o-w-l-y managed to log back on. But we made the most of the situation, as usual.
And then we get a horrible, dreaded message from WoW. Some of us hadn't even managed to log back on yet from the first boot.
We did make a noble try to bring down Majordomo quickly before the server restart. But alas, that battle was not to be won. So we waited for the server to restart and wondered whether we would find ourselves at our log spot or at the entrance. Well, luck was on our side, for a change, and we managed to get another attempt at Majordomo after we were able to log back on. And was that a fight to remember... all the warriors and priests died, and people were kiting Majordomo while a handful of other survivors killed off the last of the minions. But victory was ours, and though WoW blew our chance at seeing Ragnaros, we still ended on a high note.
All in all, it was a great week to end a great year. I hope you all had a wonderful, safe, and hangover-free New Year's. Here's a look at how some of us spent New Year's Eve.
And so, I will end this New Year's update with a toast. To Phank and to all our friends, here's to a glorious year ahead. Bring it on, 2006!
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