Hours of intensive training were undergone in preparation for this update.

Scholarly research was conducted. Experiments were run, and observations were made.

And some mistakes were made in the process.

But through highly rigorous combat analysis..


...we have reached a solid conclusion.

Such a bold statement should not be taken at face value, however! Look closely at the Phankage, and see for yourself...

To fully comprehend the awesomeness of Phank, you must delve deep into its path... into screenshots taken, but never aired...

Or maybe aired, only to be forgotten by me and inflicted on readers again.

I'm totally padding my update with this stuff. Also, I am interspersing it with pics of Phank adventures.

Sometimes Phank is difficult to understand. To outsiders we must seem a strange folk.

Yet, at the same time we are easy to understand. Where others may put up masks and pretenses, Phankers hide nothing. Why, Subvertioh says some of the darndest things himself!

The proof is in the pr0nnin'(?):

Yes, we're whacked, and we know it!

Which is not to say that things don't get out of hand. Rather, they never really were in hand.

However, you get used to it before long, and it is glorious.

Some remark upon this glory.

He probably wouldn't have said that if he'd seen Phank's true colors:

That could possibly be a real-life picture of these two adorable rascals! Nobbynob is the warrior Glenfriend, with the little sister's mage Jenfriend:

I'm not the only playing with good friends and siblings; take the Pretty People's Party (PPP) for instance! Much better than soloing, they level as a full group or something! Etnaa there is Jumpp, and Vee is the unlabelled one with no pants on:

Much as we like to ramble on about how special Phank is, it's players - as individuals - are not so unusual! Why, every so often, in trade channels or battleground chats, similar wackiness and joviality can be found...

I'll probably regret showing you guys Teslo's favorite "game" there, come the next raid.

It is the confluence of Phankish persons that sets our community apart. Nowhere else will you find such a hive of loons and spoonery. Naturally this extends to raids as well... here we have a video exemplifying the lunacy that is gaming Phank.

Having defeated Gruul the Dragonkiller so handily, Phank made its first excursion into Tempest Keep, spending some four hours or so plumbing it's depth- well, shallows.

And then we all write home to tell you, the reader, about it!

So thanks Vee. And thanks to Cru, Gracor, Jumpp, and everyone who has done an update!

Phank is a gaming community of friends and family. Phank on!
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