Next! - By Gracor with Screenies from Kizmoo
A good omen? A sign of things to come? It sure didn't seem that way early in the week. People were anxious to get another shot at Gruul. We were close. We could feel it. Maybe we just needed to do something different. Anything....

But there was reason for positivity. Long time Phanker, Tyrala, also known as Brow, had completed his Paladin grind to 70 and was working on getting his Kara key and was keen to start raiding with team PHANK.

Thursday we went after HKM and Gruul, confident in our methods. The power of positive thinking compels you!
Ok, so it took us 6 wipes to finally get it right and then we smacked him down like he deserved. Grats to Karnak on the sweet purplez. But then we were tight on time and had to call it a night. So Gruul himself would live to see another day.

Fast forward to Sunday evening. It's rematch time....
After a few wipes, with the 3rd being a 6% attempt, we were confident that we had this thing whipped. But then we bugged the zone and the gate to Gruul was stuck down and we couldn't get back at him. But team PHANK was hungry for battle, and we knew that Serpentshrine wasn't far away.
So off we flew! Even though it appears that one of us went off to Netherstorm to quest or something, I assure you we had a full contingent when we started SSC.

Things were going swimmingly until the Bog Lord on steroids pictured above ripped wind and wiped over half the raid. Note that even our own Ripwind was unable to survive this particularly virulent strain.

We had some fun and then headed back to Gruul's to see if the gate was up. Sure enough, it was, and the game was afoot. This time we had a full on epic battle on our hands. Unlike the 4 previous weeks, however, this time we had enough gas in the tank.

I rank this win right up there with Phank/Hjouse's first Ragnaros kill on the excitement scale.

Now any right minded guild would call it a night here. And alot of us did, mind you. But we here in Phank have us a late night community, and they run in a Karazhan team called GOLD. Well kudos to GOLD for clearing all of Karazhan last night. WOO!

Ahh the sweet, sweet smell of success. Until next week, my fellow Phankers!
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