Week 4 - Gruul - By Gracor with Screenies from Xexor and Vee
This was our fourth week going after Gruul. But first things first, we had to set the tone with a proper smackdown of HKM on Wednesday.
Now that's my style of flawless victory! Hooray for 10+ minute fights. These things tend to happen when you have no dps alive for the end of the fight....
We called it a night after that win and spent the rest of the week goofing off and even helping Tyrala level that secret paladin project of his.

Vee managed to get Biggnose to PL her a bit during the Phank raids. Here we see her hard at work in support of Bigg's efforts.
Of course while Vee was hard at work sleeping through this PL session, she was being recruited by one of our Karazhan squads to fill a vacancy.
Cownan is on his own for a while it seems.
Thanks to Xexor and Vee for capturing this wisdom....afk to find dictionary...
Ok. Fast forward to Sunday and it's rematch time with Gruul. We welcomed our newest raiding Phanker, Tureinn, to the scene and got underway.

After 5 attempts, we got him to 7% but couldn't close the deal thanks to some bad luck. It was late and we had to call it a night. But we are very much looking forward to collecting his lewts this week.

Speaking of a bit of bad luck...at least we weren't this guy. Though he will be haunting us for some time...

Phank On! See you next week.
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