Week 3 - Gruul - by Veenu with screenshots from Gracor

This was our third week attacking Gruul. By Phank's timeline that would make it about 3.5 nights (about 7 hours.) So to get him down to 15% is pleasing.

We have a couple awesome systems to make things run smoothly. We have our version of DKP (it goes to 0 after you get an item) and a new sit out system. I've never heard of it before, so I'm linking the system here for those that are interested. Note that we have some brilliant math peeps that make little macros and what-nots so it's not hard to track.
So 15% makes us happy, and we can't wait for Thursday.

Wena held a contest this week for a monkey pet. It was for whoever brought him the most Twill, which many of us learned is some gray drop off high level trash.

Oh that wasn't enough massive text? Ok here's more:
GOLD team had a hard time on prince. Or should I say insane time on prince:
We're also starting up team UTAH.
Good times.
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