Week two - Gruul - by Veenu with screenshots from Gracor

This week marks our second time going up against Gruul. If the High King was a skill check, Gruul would be a DPS check. Not that keeping all people 15 feet away from you is easy in a small room with 25 friends, but it comes down to our power. And of course we have the more less than perfect kind of power for the event.

Give us a mob that is weak against rogues please.
So we downed the High King again, then went to meet Gruul. Here is that night, and our next, fighting him.
Each time we were getting better. But we kept killing each other. There was much discussion on where to run, and how to decide who goes where after a groundslam.
Sunday night it was starting to get frustrating, Zobb and G decided to call it, only to be met with a raid full of people demanding more death.
So more death we got.
So even with a raid of 24 people (usually had someone offline, afk, cooking, who knows) we made great progress.

Now for a tale about sweet little Luminae.

She had some neat quest near Ogrila.
Oh wait, I said this was about Luminae, not me right?
Sweet little Luminae, THE DEMON
Ah, now she's back to her normal pimp self. Good times.
Jumpp got a sweet new pair of shoulders:
They kinda remind me of the shaman banana shoulders, except this pair has a warrior and rogue attached.
An excellent week. I imagine next week, or the next is going to get exciting. Gunter and Jaly's healers are almost 70, and Phank's in some kinda nice calm mentality now. Very comfortable with itself.
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