The end of no progress begins - by Gracor with screenshots from Veenu and Xexor

That's right. The end of the lack of no progress on our 25 man raid progress aspirations. Or something to that effect. This week we received a boon from Blizzard, who, in their (in)finite wisdom saw fit to remove the entrance requirements to Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep. So the Phank aerial squadron suited up and headed in for a peek....

Jaly put together an impromptu raid and 22 Phankers showed up to see about having some fun Phank style! For you veteran readers, you know that this means immediate and gratifying pwnage.

Of us, of course. But ho! All was not lost. After a couple more attempts we learned a thing or two about what we were up against and we defeated the zoneline pull just in time for the GOLD team Karazhan raiders to head on over for some fun. Hope all who attended got as big of thrill from a first peek at a new zone as I did!

Fast forward to Thursday evening and Gruul's Lair. Phank's 25 entity raid force had been chomping at the bit for a rematch with High King Maulgar.

After a "couple" attempts with maybe a false start or two... *cough* prox agro *cough* ....we started to feel pretty good about our chances. Then, just like that, it clicked.

Grats to all who were there on a VERY satisfying win and kudos to Kozzae, Zandor and Luminae on Phank's first 25 man raid drops.

In Karazhan news, SWORD managed to clear the whole zone in two evenings which was quite a thrill. Zobb also demonstrated that the Opera event indeed cannot be attempted without first killing Moroes.
On Sunday we revisited Gruul's Lair to pay a visit to the big boss. He had prepared some defenses for us. Someone may have tipped him off...More on that in a bit.

So we tested our mettle against him. We had some good attempts and some not so good. But most were improvements on prior attempts. Strange coincidence that I was dead for the majority of our two best attempts.

Here we can see Darkrom observing the fight from a safe distance. Curious....
Alas, that attempt was also doomed to failure. Though our best attempt we did get him to 45%. Just before press deadline, I received this anonymous screenshot seen below....

Here we see Sir Robin, er, Darkrom, fleeing the encounter to safety just before the wipe. Darkrom, wherever you are, turn yourself in. You'll only make it worse on yourself. Don't make me send war rocket Ajax after you.....

Until next time......PHANK ON!

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