Kara cleared, welcome 25... by Veenu with shots from Gracor and Nobbynob

We don't move as fast as high-end guilds. All we ask is that given the same amount of hours the other guild spends to get somewhere, can we beat the same content within the same hours spread out?

Five months after the release of the expansion we have finished the first zone. We didn't exactly take our time, but we did enjoy the ride there. Focusing on a zone three nights a week seems to fit us. However there is another zone that we should be working on at the same time, and up until now we've been half hearting it. It's taken a mental toll.

Our drive is very strong right now but we use our heads first. We analyze why we havn't been able to do Gruul more. Then we form a consensus and come up with a plan. And the plan is: More Healers.
Since Phank is a friends and family guild, a democracy, and a veteran to drama we don't force anyone to change talents. We also don't guild up for classes. But we do put the call out for help within the guild. We crafted a call for healer mains. And some that always rise to the occasion rose once again, and some that have never even tried healing are coming forth to take on the most stressful role in any MMOG.
These names might not be familar, but they are long time givers. Jaly, Gunter... Cownan we all know...
Let the leveling of those ignored level 50 characters begin!
So for a couple weeks we have to depend on our healer alts to help us with Gruul. And hope Thuggo's internet gets fixed.

Subvertio's already pissed. (Maybe NSFW)

Since we are a democratic guild and not a dictatorship it takes a little while for us to build that concensus. Phankers cover the full spectrum from "I dunwanna do the new zone" to "omgyesterday." But since we are a democracy the majority rules, and the majority are excited since this is the first time we have the tools to succeed. However it took us a while to figure out the real problem and come up with a solution.
So there ya go.

Phank also beat Karazhan last night. All of it.

A raidzone beaten can have a corpseshot, as always....but it's been a looooong time since a raidzone was cleared!
So our assault on the 25mans begins with conviction this coming week. The preperations continue....
We know what we need to do. The healer army is coming.
The 25player game is here.
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