The Mob Formally Known as Prince - by Veenu with screenshots from Gracor, Jaly, Xexor, Gormahn, Jumpp, Kizmoo

This week we went back into Gruul after a two week break and sucked. I know you want to get right to the stink, but I shall taunt you with awesome first.

Two groups tackled the end boss of Kara this week. Blizzard saw fit to give us a moment of serenity before this challenge. First GOLD.

Beautiful and peaceful. I found it pleasing to have two seperate crews experiencing the same thing this week. Simpatico.

And SWORD got Prince on their second attempt at him.

And now GOLD:
Hello Prince....
And die.
Now for some Gruul. Painful? Yes. But there were some good moves. Given some of the silly or bad mistakes everyone kept their cool. At least cool during the raid, now we are going crazy to get back in there, over and over.
Irawarrior had an old version of CTraid....
But wait there's more!
Ok ok, Mr. Aran. Let's get back to some happy GOLD action. As Jumpp says, they beat Aran this week and met Illhoof whom they beat also. Then in his words "Met the prince, who beat us like a rented mule."
Now on with the misc fun.
A couple spoiler shots from the flask area here, here, and here. Jaly also did some awesome quests this week, but I can't tell if they are spoilers, they just look sweet, so here they are.
The other night I noticed a rather odd group, two rogues, two shaman and a druid.
Everyone loves an odd group that is glorious.
Jumpp titled this one "Start the plane"
SWORD gets Prince, GOLD gets Aran and Illhoof, Phank stinks it up in Gruul. Quite the mix. Phank beats a boss, while another beats us. But we arn't too down about Gruul. We just guilded our first two non-RL friends in years. And we're dealing with "scheduling" of raids and trying to figure out if we can field a fourth Kara team. So we see a silver lining with our first 25 dungeon, and we arn't going to sit passively waiting for it to come to us.
And as if that wasn't enough beautiful game shots, Jaly sent in some of Lord of the Rings MMO. There are a good handful of phankers playing it, check it out!
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