HUGE! - by Cru

Wow, busy week! Seems like there is always something going on. A thousand screenshots--it was hard to fit it all in! Thanks, Kizmoo and Vee, for contributing so many of the shots!

Let's start with the goings on of GOLD team in Karazhan. Woap was clearly hawt stuff!
That HUGE skull is bigger than Woap!
In the room of the Shade of Aran, a heroic fight ensued...
I have no idea what happened here, but damn, that's a cool image, Kiz! That's one HUGE Tauren!
And it's orphan week time in WoW again. Phankers brought out their new pets at the raids. Too cute not to include-- sorry all you tough not-very-foo-foo folk!
A few images from a heroic instance. If you haven't done one yet, do one. The instance zone-in is mesmerizing.
In this last week's HUGE patch, some new flask quests were introduced.
So in the interest of not spoiling the flask questline, Vee sent me lots and lots of shots of several peeps doing the flask questline.
Ok, ok -- I'm putting the real spoilers here. Clicky to expose them!
New faction quests have given some Phankers new goals. And those pricey epic mounts are becoming all the more coveted by those who spent all their money...
Vee called this shot "Horde Should Not Skip."
JUNO's raid this week was plagued. A JUNO bug, if you will! Call it problems from the patch or whatever, but weird things were happening. Some peeps had targetting problems, dead mobs looked partially alive, several had to reload once or twice, and then.... Well, first let me get us there...
JUNO fought Attumen the Huntsman, as usual. But it was a bugged fight, and after we wiped, nothing respawned! Midnight was gone, all the trash mobs stayed away -- just gone! An empty room and no loot to show for it-- so sad. But JUNO went on to Moroes.
Along the way, those weird little things kept happening. And at one point Moroes chased the raiders all the way to the zone-in and camped for awhile. But never fear, Moroes died that night!
The good news is by the next raid night everything was fixed and the Attumen area had respawned. JUNO quickly killed off Attumen and moved on to BIGGER and better things! Excuse me -- HUGER!
Mogkin expressed to us his horror at how people's conversations changed after 3 days at an anime convention.
And this is like, the end of this HUGE update! (Oh wow it hurts to be that predictable, even on purpose...)
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