Aran - by Veenu with screenshots from Kiz and Cru

Let's get to it!

SWORD beat Aran this week while GOLD met Aran this week. JUNO was fed some intelligence from the Itallians that said Aran was in Molten Core.
Where are your WMD's?!
Oh Nos! IED's too!
So the 8 Phankers tore it up.
Now SWORD finally beat Aran. They had been banging their head on this one for a while without a warlock. Then Jodo's blonde reached 70 and a week later they got him. They had a smashing week, starting with this run:
It was also great to see Alzo get his key and start in on Kara. Meanwhile, last week GOLD was amazing. But this week started with...
However they finished on a high note and got to Aran.
Aw, poor lonely Loira.
Now that Loira angel is looking pretty sweet. Let us gaze upon it.
And finally to Aran....
So they got him pretty low for a first date.

Kizmet stopped to smell the roses in Kara, and looked up:

We also went back into our Sunday night Gruul fest. There's been a little discussion over the merits of going to Gruul's 3 nights a week vs. 1 night a week. I think due to this weeks successes in there it might heat up. We are close.
We seem to have exactly 25 high end "want to raid a lot" people. So as usual Phank's got to get clever with strats. Even if we had a walkthrough we would have to do it the Phank way.

Phank is predicting a win next week. That would make it, I think, 4 nights of practice in there. So compared to the "raid every night" guilds, that's a weeks time. That's all Phank asks. To beat content in the same amount of time, but spread out for our lifestyles.

Phank also has many PvP teams. Some are in it for serious, others....
are in it for points. Meet the chump squad. Named "Our Perfect Service"
We also did any number of instances this week.
This whole fight each other boss sure is fun. At least for me because I am new to it. I am sure people that have done this 20 times might look upon it differently.
There's also been a lot of talk on the forums about talents and how to use them. I think Phank has gotten to a nice place about them. We are embracing an attitude like the craftsman on their craft. For raiders gaming is our hobby, we treat it as such. Improvment is a big part of any hobby, and Phank's finding ways to do that without being asses. The basic tone is, if you raid for the high end, you are part of the raid team, and we all work on it together.
So it was a great week. Phank's close to a boss kill in Gruul, we got Aran, and the 25 raid game really brings us all together.
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