Phank Was Here - by Cru

Lots of Karazhan this week--right up until the server died on Monday, that is! Our 3 Kara groups are charging onward and onward. No Gruul's Lair on Sunday -- speaking of which, Happy Mother's Day to you and your loved ones!

Thanks for helping out with some screenshots, Kizmoo, Dracumus, and Lilrith!

First let's see what GOLD team was up to.
Ah, look at this happy shot! It's just LOVEly!
Hmmm. GOLD better stop having those impure thoughts.
GOLD wasn't in Kansas anymore!
This reminds me of a similar visit for JUNO....
GOLD showed some flare...
According to Kiz, late-night gaming leads to weird conditions like jumpitis.
Next up are shots from JUNO.
Now, I'm not really sure why Zott said that, given that a few minutes later he gave us this view... --------->
FYI, don't die behind the house in the Red Riding Hood event if you want to take screenshots of the fight.
Lord of the Rings looks really cool -- some shots of Drac, Soldac, and Mo!
And lastly, the funnies... some of these are from last week. Not sure how they got in here! ;)
Lil caught this rare glimpse of Jaryl and Cow dancing side by side. Grrroooooovy, baby!
That's it, Phank! Keep dancing!
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