Almost got it! - by Veenu with screenshots from Gracor and Xexor

It is an exciting time to be a phanker. Our three kara crews are all having great success in the dungeon. Phankers are helping other phankers with gearing up as usual and it's a great atmosphere in /gu.

We are also making a solid commitment to Gruul's Lair just once a week, but every week, so that we don't fall into the trap of dungeons past (going once a month or so and complaining that we arn't learning the instance.) And I was lucky enough to be able to be a part of this Sunday's run. It was awesome. In a we all totally died a million times kinda way.

But first I shall do the update differently this time and start with the hodgepodge of images and craziness of the week and then the meat story.

We had a Texas BBQ also last weekend with over a dozen phankers attending and getting fed/drunk.
Now onto Gruul....There is nothing like ramming your collective heads on a boss while improving. And that we are. The following pictures are familiar to all guilds. Getting ready, wiping, running back, getting ready....
How many is that so far? NOT ENOUGH.
And then we slept. Good times. We've almost got it.
Now if that wasn't enough, xexor has a very long guild chat dialogue for you and Jodo (on arica) has a nasty NSFW misstell to a gold farmer.
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