In with the Old, Out with the New - by Cru

Haha, you only thought you were getting a big update this week! With Lilrith and Neelthak in town, I think I logged on maybe once. So thank you Gracor/Vee, Moirinamage, and Luminae for sending some shots, and I looked through the miscellaneous shots I took while on update sabbatical during the month of April, to see what else I could throw in here. I also have some to include from Mo and Jaryl from the past couple of weeks. It's Phank soup!

Phank ventured back into Gruul's Lair this week, and of course we continue to make progress in Karazhan, with 3 awesome groups hitting it up all week long. The last night for JUNO and SWORD this week had a wrench thrown into it by Blizzard -- the log-in authentication screen went KABLOOEY, so many peeps couldn't log on, and the raids were cancelled.
I wish I had pictures of Gruul's Lair to show you. Imagine them here, shoving the rest of the pics wayyyyy down in the update:
On the lighter side of things, Phankers do love a good picnic.
Many Phankers are enjoying some PvP time. Are they kicking butt? Ha ha, some of them are taking great delight in doing just the opposite!
Kara shot!
Wait a minute... these aren't World of Warcraft pics!
(Mo, Soldac, and Dracumus have been having some fun with the new Lord of the Rings game.) :-)
OK, enough of that current stuff. Let's see what cobweb-covered stuff I found hidden in the attic.
Mo is drooling!
Stick out your tongue and say, "Aaaaaaaaaah."
Cownan proved that one doesn't need barrels or 'shrooms to get stuck.
A glitch from Mo's computer -- neat effects!
Phank on, you PhankyMcPhankertons!
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