Crone - by Veenu with screenshots from Kizmoo

This past week every phanker that does updates either went on vacation or had visitors on vacation so thank goodness Kiz sent some shots in. All the GOLD images are from her.

As Jumpp says, the weeks been really nice "It was a peaceful week. No drama, no new stuff. Just the same crews grinding Karazhan, and making some progress."

So let's get to Kiz's shots.

Now, I am not quite sure, but this seems to be one instances Maiden.... and the following the next cycles. Now we normally don't show the corpse shots of the bosses, but well this one has action around it and Jumpp coming out of her boobs.
Now from reports in IRC this next event was awesome. Not only did GOLD succeed on this new Opera, but so many GOLD attendees had other Phanker friends watching at their houses. Jaly, Zobb, Luminae all got to watch the action over their friends shoulders and said it was poetic.

Here we get ready for the unknown:

The Crone!
And we won.

Now onto the gametoge:

So we hope everyones vacations were glorious, and you can look forward to a much larger update next monday to distract you from your Monday-really-should-start-working.
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