Girls, Girls, Girls - By Veenu with screenshot help from Jaly, Gracor and Cru

This past year Phank families have given birth to five little girls. FIVE! Amazing.

Amazing. So if you want a girl, being a phanker seems to up your chances.

Now if you recal the last update I did was brooding on the 10man Karazan or however you spell it. Phank was a bit concerned with being uber vs being inclusive and so on. There were some tensions and worries over "so and so's group" or "you have to be this tall to ride the phank train."

Well about a month has passed and a lot has happened. A lot of awesomeness.

We came up with a Karazan group naming system. So far we have two groups JUNO and SWORD with a third forming called GOLD. Geek points to anyone that knows what these names are from.

Having names for the groups helps a lot with the "so and so's group" or locking certain people into certain groups. So far about half the phankers float happily between the two. JUNO and SWORD start their raids kinda early so Jumpp and Biggnose were all "hey we late nighters need a raid group too" and posted a sign up for GOLD thinking it would just be a two man sign up. But lo and behold! 11 people signed up for GOLD's insane 9:00pm raids. So now we have three Kara groups!

First I shall start with some JUNO action. We started raiding a couple weeks after SWORD, but are almost caught up on the boss count.

We had no priests signed up for this week. Two paladins and a shaman for heals. The first night we went in and destroyed a couple bosses, including getting Maiden down.
Then we rammed our heads against Moroes a couple times and called it a night.

The next night we raid again. As we turned the corner to Moroes and I heard Gracor whispering in pain "nooooooo"

No phankers have beaten Moroes without priests, so we were a bit skeptical. But as true phankers we lined up to try.
And then tried again. And again. Each time refining the no priest strat. Each time getting better. Paladin's and Rogues tanking. Hunters doing crazy crap.... And on I think the 4th time....
Now over in SWORD there was a win too. But first one of the special things about Kara. They kill you with a hard horrid boss that is quite the challenge and reward you with some insane treat boss. Something really fun, that just makes you smile and isn't that hard.

This weeks treat... Chess!

Good times.

And now for the win. We went in and bashed our heads repeatedly on a nasty boss called the Curator.

Not knowing what to expect we went in and died.
And died again.
And again.
And then....
Win! Figuring stuff out for yourself is one of the best things to do in game.
So good times in Kara, and great teamwork all around. Elsewhere Phankers are leveling up, doing heroics and having fun.

And looking hawt.

Now I just had to put in this little rogue here, she is so adorable. I am sure Jumpp is going to let out a squeel when he sees her.
Ok, now back to the Phank.
"One night in Nagrand we killed Durn for Xakia and we got another named add too, plus a bunch of small trash stuff, it was very chaotic and fun, and we won so even better." - Jaly
Some groups in Phank are changing the way you fight. It's insane. Jumpp and Sub have some kinda insane thing going. I shant talk too much of it here, for I think Sub may look at me with that eyebrow raised in an unapproving fashion.
We also have some new Phanker friends coming up and about to raid.
And some PvP action....
So it's been a great week, and even better past month. As true phankers we got blue in the face discussing loot, pellets, kara, groups, etc and have arrived where we always do. At a smart solution with a tinge of the strange. Next week... GOLD!
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