Fools Rush In - by Cru

April Fool's Day was yesterday, so it seems appropriate that Phankers headed into a new raid instance and wiped repeatedly. We thought we needed fire resistance gear, so we brought tons -- it turns out shadow might have been more useful, at least at the start. We thought we'd have an easier time with Magtheridon than with Gruul, but we thought wrong. We thought we could at least get some trash mobs down. Ha ha ha! Fools we be!

We valiantly attacked the warders, revising our strategy each time we started a new attempt. But either our strategies were wrong or we just weren't gear appropriate, or both.
So it wasn't a success. Maybe we're not ready for Magtheridon's Lair, but perhaps someday!
In other news, one of our Karazhan groups continues to make forward progress. They are comfortable with the Maiden now and have brought down the Big Bad Wolf. Our other group had some strange class combinations this week, so sadly no new bosses to report.
It's a relatively short update this week, but I captured some fun stuff. Oh, you witty Phankers!
Veenu sent these in of a Phank group going after the Scarlet Oracle. Apparently they had a fair amount of waiting, or searching, or both. They entertained us in guild chat while they waited.
Good news is that Darkrom did in fact complete his quest. Yay!
- Mo shot!
A few pics from Shadow Labs...
I leave you with this image from Moirinamage. ROFL, Mo!
Phank on!
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