Left... Left... Left Right Left - by Cru

Progress! In honor of the month of March, I hereby report that we are making progress! Our two Karazhan groups have now successfully killed the Huntsman and Moroes, and one of the groups has brought down Maiden of Virtue, the other having made good attempts before having to call it a night. So it's nice to be able to announce Phank's forward strides! We also have a new raid being planned, so we'll get to show shots of that sometime soon. Woot!

While once particularly challenging, we're becoming pros at getting the Huntsman quickly and easily.
Moirinamage and I kept complaining to each other about how bad the lag and frame rate are on the stairs leading to the Moroes area. Here's what my screen looks like in that fight -- look at the pic, wait a second, then picture everyone moving a step to the right. Put your hands on your hips.... Never mind.
Now, I'd like to say we got Moroes the first night we raided Karazhan this week, but I'll admit that it... wasn't the first night. But the point is, we got him! I'm combining images here, actually.
On the first night, we included a quick run to spawn the animal boss. Spider again.
After Moroes, it was time to clear to the next boss. In this case, we headed toward the Maiden of Virtue.
FYI, Spectral Retainer for the lose. Don't be fooled by that one looking almost dead.
We made it to the Maiden of Virtue and got a few tries in, but for our group we had to stop. We were quite happy at what we learned about the fight, though. Big congrats to the other group who got her this week!
5-person instances happen all week long. I'll throw in some fun images from a few.
One night a bunch of us went to Shadowmoon Valley to knock out some group quests. It was like a mini-raid. Phankers helping Phankers. Good times. :)
Here are some images from various quests, including two sent in by Mo, one sent in by Jaryl. Thanks, both of you!
These murlocs just deserve another week in the Phank spotlight.
- Mo
- Mo
- Jaryl
This final shot is a contribution from my son. I discovered this among my many screenshots for the week. Apparently he's a budding update helper. Who can guess the instance?
And that, Phank, is that. March on!
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