Down & Dirty - by Cru

This is the down and dirty update, not so much because it's dirtier than anything else Phank comes up with each week, but because I've only been able to work on it snippets at a time today and I am determined to get it uploaded! Also, I wasn't able to take as many screenshots as usual, so it's shorter than my usual longggggg ones. We'll just say that it's inspired by this quote from Soldac.

Now, maybe you had to have been there, but I'll just let you imagine the conversation that took place in Ventrilo after that...little tidbit.
So I've got a few random images for you to start out with -- a few from Botanica, Mechanar, Shadow Labs, so forth. Lots of Oscura. How in the world did that happen?!!
Oops, how did that image get back in here?
That boss isn't really peeing on Cow. It just always looks like he is.
Karazhan -- we're still getting back in there each week. And we still have 2 groups in there right now -- maybe soon we'll get that third group going. Those keyed numbers are growing!
No, that's not us fleeing to the zone-in. Of course not! Really now, like Phankers ever do that sort of thing.
Here we spawned a boss we hadn't seen before.
Quick respawn on trash mobs = bad.
Look closely, magnifier in hand -- it's Jumpp the gnome!
Those concubines are pretty hawt. We all thought so.
Moirinamage and Soldac sent in some fantastic screenshots -- wow, they are great. First, Mo's.
Mo called this one "Question."
And here are Soldac's!
And that's it! See ya in the game!

Down & dirty... and done!

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