Let Us Phank - by Cru

The quest for the Master Key continues, and we are now up to 27ish people keyed for Karazhan. This, of course, presents a problem in that there's only room for sets of 10 people in the instance at a time, and the instance resets every 7 days. So at the moment we are working out how to get everyone in there when they want to go. Having 3 working groups in Kharazan at a time will be exciting!

Each week we continue to work on the various key stages for people who are still on various key stages.
Like Arcatraz...
And Black Morass...
Finishing the quest line is so satisfying. So is helping others get there, too!
So the reward for all that is Karazhan. We've had a group going in there for some weeks already, but a second group ventured in this last week, too. That night the guild list was impressive. Karazhan, Karazhan, Karazhan....
The new group focused on exploring that first night... Played some, wiped some, experimented some, had fun the whole time.
On Sunday night we ventured back in. Our main goal was taking down the first boss. We had a great pace and learned from every slight mishap along the way. The result: first boss down!
The hour was getting late, though, but we still had some exploring time. Jumpp enjoyed taking a breather here and there.
Jumpp thought he'd make good use of his chair time by taking a couple of screenshots while the group fought some mobs. As people were dying, he remembered that he was one of our two tanks. No more screenshots for Jumpp!
We moved on. Ooh, look -- food!
Everyone had lots of red gear by the time we got to the bosses, so we gave a couple of test tries, then called it a night.
The plan for next week:
Moirinamage sent in a few shots, particularly admiring the decor of Karazhan.
It's been a long day, so I better get this update out before several Phankers kill me. I am closing with miscellaneous shots from throughout the week. Have a great week, Phank!
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