Instance for Gear - by Veenu - including screenshots from Jaly, Zandor, Sub and Gracor

With a little success under our belt in the 10 and 25 player dungeons phank is back to our mellow self. We see the future clearly now and know it is delicious.

Now that we have the ability to make it all the way in a game we can really get excited about the goals. And after the first raids we realized what our main goal is.

And instance we have...
From what I can tell the groups are changing up constantly, and have all kinds of strange make-ups. Even though we are currently a much larger guild than our early WoW days we have to get clever.
Turns out Paladins can heal. In a week we are going to have 2 dedicated paladins in the raid game. The third I think I saw helping a fellow phanker level a priest.

Last week it seemed we were really low on healers but I think we are low on everything to different people.

The expansion is really asking a lot from every single player. It's just what we wanted. And the key work is progressing nicely.
Once again, this game is totally our pace.
And the land is filled with quests that give great gear also, just in case you have trouble finding a dungeon group.
Some of the quests being more fun than the dungeons.
Even Gormahn seems to be a quest giver.
They really have some cute stuff out there.
And we have been having a lot of fun joking about the armory.
So this week has been great. Phankers feel empowered to gear up and skill up. Those that are pissed off about various things talk outloud about it and we sort it out. And in a couple weeks we will all find a good pace, open parties and some serious destruction of whatever the names of the 10 player and 25 player dungeons are.
There's also been some fun with names and guildnames.
Note in the above picture Hordebeater is missing an opportunity by not being flagged.
Shot through the heart!
So life is good in Phank. We will have a couple Kaz teams soon and our gear and skills just keep improving.
Now back into the instances we go....
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