Feels Like Old Times - by Cru

With all our 70s, Phankers have been itching to raid. This week we had our first two raids of the Burning Crusade -- and of 2007, I believe. The first was a 10-person trip to Kharazan, of which there are no screenshots -- but apparently Phank kicked some serious bad-guy butt in there! The second was a 25-person raid into Gruul's Lair. We went in there knowing nothing about the fight...

The first few mobs were a piece of cake.
And before we knew it, we were at the first boss. The fight went something like this:
So we headed back in and talked strategy for a bit. Then oops, someone got aggro and we jumped into the fight. We lasted a little longer, that's the good news. And we learned a bit more about the nameds.
But we wiped. And then oops, someone got aggro and we had to dive in again. But each time we gained some clues to help us hopefully master the fight.
Our skellies were soon dotting the cavern floor.
After a few attempts, we turned around to discover respawn respawning behind us. We killed one mob and then prepped to clear again. Unfortunately, these guys ate us for dinner and spit out the bones.
- Mo
We managed to kill one a couple of times, but not both, so we decided to leave it there for the night. All in all, a good attempt. Nice work, Phank raiders!
We left behind a few skellies to say, "Phank was here."
- Xexor
- Xexor
So that was the end of the week. Now let's go back to the beginning! How shall I summarize this? Let's see: quests and instances. OK!
Zandor sent in some shots showing how the quest for the Kharazan key progressed from a Phank group to Shadow Government runs.
Gear continues to be a hodge-podge of stuff. Some instances have proven to be quite challenging. But hey, we'd be disappointed if they were too easy. Ok, maybe I'm not speaking for everyone here...
- Xexor
- Mo
A few more shots from Xexor...
The neat thing about the Burning Crusade is that for many people it seems there is so much to do and so little time. It means you always have something to work on when you log on. And it's cool that you so often can hook up with people on the same quests you are.
Now, if you didn't see the Naughty update from a couple of weeks ago, the next two screenshots might not make sense.
Oscura went in for a closer look. -------->
Here, Oscura was a fox in a box. Well, a fox trapped beside a box, really. ----------->
A flock of migrating Phankers...
And that's it! See you all in the game.
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