Tazla is watching you - by Veenu - (screenshot contributers: Jaly, Glaur, Jumpp)

The Burning Crusade is starting to get comfy with a million phankers hitting 70, and our first paladins are joining us in Outland. This game was designed for Phank. You can tell by looking at our leveling curve and the dungeons we are working on now. I imagine (and we will see in a year) that we will just be getting bored with the expansion by the start of 2008 when the next release is set to come out. Our pace is glorious. The dungeons are our sized. The difficulty our level.

At the start of any new game or new expansion Phank does a little worrying. Most of the time the worry leads to chaos.
But this time around it's just leading to some honest and out in the open discussions.
We are talking about it in guild, on the forums, in IRC, in game. But most importantly it's out there in the open. The main concerns involve being a crack team and at the same time inclusive.
We've walked this line our entire lives as a guild. Those that can't figure out a comfort level with it move on, and when the excitement of a new game dies down we look back laughing at how much importance we put on say, a dagger.

This is the first time a game lets us do everything in it. Phankers don't care about being first. We care about being successful in our own Phanker world, meeting the challenges the game sets forth. And now we can.

And I must say, phanker raids are uber.
Er... I mean phanker raids WILL be awesome! This coming Sunday is our first. sunday Sunday SUNDAY!
Even though most phankers are now 70, a lot of us are still on the path up. But the existing 70's are always up for a quick run through the fast dungeons of the BC.
It's strange getting used to playing with Paladins again (since beta.)
And the 70's are working on the keys. The dungeons sound like great challenges, which as Canthan has said "anything beaten on the first try isn't worth beating."
Looks like Jaly is going up against some pretty mean boobies there.
It's pretty awesome seeing the force that is Phank. Secondly it's awesome seeing how much guildies love the phank and are protecting who we are by getting discussions out there in the open. It's pretty simple really. Just stay calm and kind. Try not to create a divide or strife where none really exists. And if one ever feels a lack of respect, look in the mirror first because that's a danger sign.
There goes our first Paladin to enter the new world. He quickly got passed up by our second Paladin over the weekend since he was busy playing in the RL snow. Slacker!
Screenshots like this one sent in by Glaur are truly special. WTH is going on there. Good stuff.

Glaur also reminded me of something we all might like to do in game.

Date a hot chick? No! I mean take a moment out to appreciate the crap in game that gains you nothing but a good time.
Or like getting a gift from a fellow phanker...
So yeah teams will form up and then join forces for the bigger instances. But that already happens with 5mans. And oh nos... teams of people with the same play times and log on times grouping! It's all about relaxing, and putting your own effort forth to enjoy the time you log on.
Yes, I summoned myself. I am new here!
Burrich speaks of Tazla the druid. She now has flight form. Think of her watching you as she flies above... looking down at the little ant people scurrying about trying to complete this quest or that.
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