Naughty - by Cru

No idea what's in the water Phankers have been drinking. Maybe it all started with Prince's guitar fun at the Superbowl last weekend. We have some naughty-minded guildees. Who woulda thunk?


We have so many 70s now (at least 16, soon to be more!) that the updates are just going to have to include whatever instances people are going to. So if you don't want spoilers, be careful of what you look at in the update! Maybe skip from text clip to text clip...

There continue to be regular runs to Ramparts and Blood Furnace.
And of course, to Slave Pens and Underbog, too...
Here are some shots from various Auchindoun instances, and hopefully soon we'll have some shots from some of the upper-level stuff many Phankers have been going to.
So one day, Linina (on Lonneke) asks whether anyone else thought that the icon of a little crow quest item seemed a little phallic. Well, it sparked quite a conversation, including a plea for screenshots by the updaters.
So Vee and Gracor, it turns out, thought the staff was what Linina was referring to.
But here's the actual icon.
I know you want to go back and look, too. It's ok. Go ahead.
There was lots more in guild chat about penii, but it was hard to include it all. Yes, I said it. HARD.
Chawg, is that you?
Worst part was Euthynos flying over on his mount, gloating.
Old zones might be old, but they are not forgotten -- well, sometimes parts of them are! Here's a group in Dire Maul getting a dreadsteed for Dealingace.
Molten Core. What's it like now? A group of 6 Phankers decided to give it a try. Hello, fiery mobs of death -- we meet again!
The mobs were tougher than we'd hoped, so admittedly it took some concentration and strategy on our part. The giants were dead on the first try.
The lava spawn proved to be the most challenging mobs. So we solved that dilemma as any wise players would -- we killed off the firelord and then ran away to the zone line before the lava spawn ate us! Annihilator was a piece of cake.
Even though we only had about 25 minutes to play in Molten Core, we emerged successful. Phank is still > MC.
And So ends another update. Well, almost...
Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day!
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