Oh Poo - by Cru

Last week Vee showed you all the pretty new bloodelves. This week I'm showing you poo. Yes, I'm giving you shit. You can blame Blizzard!

And last week, being the first week of the expansion, Vee was limited to screenshots not showing much in the way of spoilers. Since most of us have now seen a big chunk of Hellfire Peninsula and its first instances, I get to show more stuff this week! But instances in higher zones are still going to be on a spoiler page. Some of these images are from last week -- I'm sneaking them in... cause I can.

Phankers are continuing to level like mad. As of this update we have five Level 70s, with more getting pretty close. Others are taking a more moderate pace in their leveling.
There's some really big stuff in Hellfire Peninsula. Really big. If you're lucky, you don't accidentally turn the corner and run under something's foot. Just ask Chawg what the Raging Colossus are like. They chased us for a longggggg time.
But it's the Fel Reavers everyone's getting to know and love. Periodically in guild chat, you'll see a comment like this:
And we'll nod and understand when someone gets squished by a reaver, or we'll laugh at their managing to get stomped by something that shakes the ground and makes loud noises well before it approaches. I finally got squished the other day, so I can't laugh anymore. I get to just nod. I blame the felweed I was after.
Hellfire Ramparts and the Burning Furnace are the two instances most of us have seen at least once -- some have them visited them many, many times already. Here's an assortment of images from various groups visiting Ramparts. See how I cleverly mix up the images so you can't even get a sense of the basic mob sequence. Clever! No strategy spoilers here!
In an instance not to be named here, Lilrith managed to get herself feared into and then stuck in a patch of mushrooms. Remind you of anyone, Kytor?
Gotta love the Blood Furnace -- there are some crazy mobs in there.
Ok, how about some spoilers? I have a few! But nothing of the really high stuff yet. You can check them out here.
Luminae is one of our new 70s -- she sent in this image of her in the druid flight form. Dang, nice.
Yeah, yeah -- that was from last week.
Cow and I got a little spooked when our youngest reported that our broom was standing on its own in the kitchen. But I felt better when I saw the brooms sweeping by themselves in Silvermoon City. Who says magic isn't real?
Now it's time for Xexor's great quote section of the update. But I'll preface it with a little bit of IRC...
Allright, enough of this update. I want to PLAY!
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