All the Pretty People - by Veenu

So yeah, anything good happen this week? I didn't think so.... (but just in case, all spoilers will be LINKS)

So most of us were dorking about with other games and our wii's at the start of the week. Some of us shared Mii's. There is this option to look at a "parade" of all your friends characters. They travel to your computer off and on, so you go to peek there and see if any of your friends Mii's have visited. Well we were quite surprised to see this little guy traveling on our parade.

WTH? Let's get a closer look at the little loner.
Salabak put a nazi on our parade. We responded in kind. Hopefully he will find new friends on his parade soon.

Now the truth is, something did happen this week. And like movie fanatics, serious gamers want to be the first to see the latest... so when we heard The Burning Crusade was coming out at midnight on Monday, most of us went out in the freezing cold to our local game establishment.

And then we had it. And we all logged on.
And then we all logged on again.
And it was glorious.
Much to Zobb's chagrin, many a phankers first made their pretty people.
But the majority of Phankers began the trek to 70.
I would say there are three different types of levelers.
  • Those that want to do all the quests, take their time, smell the roses etc.
  • Those that would love to go nuts and race a glorious race to level 70 but can't due to RL commitments.
  • Those that can and do race that race, doing it for the challenge to see how fast they can get there.

Phank has all three of these.

The majority are not the fastest of levelers and are still in their low 60's. Most still in 60. All but two still plugging away in the new lands...
So the days of the week went on, the levels increasing for most, much fun being had exploring. But two emerged as Phank's speed demons...
But they were good.... Phank has a "questions in /gu, answers in /tell" policy to keep it fresh for all paces of leveling. Sometimes they couldn't contain their excitement at a new item though....

Phank loves it. Greens upgrading purples... instances capped at 25... oh the glory.
It was a great week. The quests are so fun, and one can actually solo most of them. I hear the instances are great also and can't wait to see them.

Now when we last left our leveling Phankers we saw Euth and Gobi neck and neck on their way to the top. This is what I saw when I woke up this Monday morning.

And then within hours the two of them had done it. AND with enough gold to buy their flying mounts.
This bodes well for the rest of us. The path will give us all the gold we need for those planes and it wont take forever to all be the same level again. I believe Blizzard designed the expansion with this in mind, and the bulk of the instances are waiting for us at 70. Until then, all of us at our different paces will enjoy the time logged on in our own ways.
Phank on!
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