Something Wicked This Way Comes... and BAQP 2006 - by Cru

The Dark Portal is opening, and demons are emerging. The Burning Crusade is about to begin. Soon the game as we know it will be forever changed. Will it be chaos? Will we be hit with severe server lag? Will it be TOTALLY COOL?

In preparation, Phankers have been working on a variety of goals. Some PvPed like crazy for fancy gear, and some completed old quests to turn in for xp after TBC. Others worked on bank inventory, AD faction, profession skills, with some even knocking out home projects and setting up for time off from work. We are ready! Give us the Burning Crusade!

Every year in January we like to take a look back at some of the comical, gross, and dorky stuff we said. Click the pic for the:
The Dark Portal... once just a mystery door... has begun releasing demons. Called to battle, Horde and Alliance headed to the Blasted Lands to fight the invading mobs. Skellies everywhere... mostly due to annoying people sneaking in some PvP kicks. But demons kept pouring forth, and over the week they seemed to get bigger and badder.
Killing demons in the Blasted Lands? Let's go find some more!
With TBC around the corner, more players than ever have been logging on. The queue has been worse than ever.
And mung -- lag -- has come back, too.
Highest report was that the queue was 700+ at one point.
On Monday we said an almost tearful "see ya someday again maybe" to Onyxia -- get some rest, ya big dragon. Well, except that we might see you the day before TBC. Well, THEN get some rest.
Good discussion turns wrong. WRONG.
Oh, and in prep for the expansion, we gave Ventrilo a try.
Subvertioh and Euthynos challenged each other to a shaman-versus-rogue duel of duels. They both won a few -- those uber dynamic daredevils!
Back in the Plaguelands, the Argent Dawn crew continued. Three more Phankers hit exalted, and others made it to revered. We don't know when we'll get to see Naxxramas, but at least we have more attuned!
We had the runs down to an art.
And in case you ever wondered, one person looting every stone in Scholo, plus a dragon scale and of course all the boss kills, gets about 1650 AD reputation. And if you are even more lucky, it gets you to exalted! Grats, Jaryl!
Lil gets quite the view in Stratholme.
Almost daily there were some major PvPs raids with Hjouse of Spjank. Moirrinamage sent in these shots-- thanks, Mo! The Alliance fear the arrival of our battle-ready guilds!
Xexor sent in several shots, too -- I think a couple are from the week before, the rest current.
Here a few miscellaneous shots from the rest of the week.
Well, out with the old, in with the new, Phank. Tomorrow brings new excitement, and even more importantly... Blood Elves!
See you in the Burning Crusade, Phank. That is, if we can get past the queue...
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