Jumpp's update - By Jumpp

It was a busy week for Phank. With some kind of expansion or other due soon, there was excitement in the air. It's tough to get excited about the same old stuff when there's new material coming any day now, but gaming hours have to be filled! What to do?

First, a trip to UBRS. You can never have too many Magister robes.

The usual yard trash was cleared quickly.

Then, on the climb up to that fire guy who's always dropping cloaks and bracelets, everyone got sleepy. We stopped for a nap.

Turns out the fire guy wasn't there, so we fought his really hot sister instead.

Thuggo was hitting on her. They fell to chatting about chick stuff. Wine. Colors like "fuschia" and "taupe." Underclothes.

Thuggo was making progress. Soldac got jealous.

And then there was that guy, whatever his name was, who rides the dragon. Grek? Dirk? Something like that. Anyway, that dude has totally let himself go.

We don't know why that tree is barfing. Trees barf in the land of Warcraft. THIS IS NORMAL.

Then more yard trash.

The beast wasn't in. Instead we had to fight...his hot sister.

Yeah, we don't see it either. Still, we're told that by fifty-foot-tall demon dog standards, chick has got it goin' on.

Bachavi was hitting on her. Soldac got jealous.

Finally the time came: Our nemesis, General Drakksayer, lay ahead. And, of course, he wasn't there. We had to fight...

...his hot sister, Caitrina. Who, by the way, talked a mountain of trash.

After the fight there was a party. The piano player was kinda goofy-looking, but he could play.

And these two slow-danced even on the fast songs.

A couple days later it was time for a trip to the icy lands of the north. The icy lands of the north lie behind two gigantic stone doors decorated with images of Jimmy Durante. (Youngsters: Jimmy Durante had a very big nose. YOU CAN LOOK IT UP.)

Boy is this next picture confusing. I'll walk you through it.

That big skull there is a mid-boss. He spawns lots of little skulls that bite at your elbows and kneecaps. They proc a sort of poison that makes your face go all stiff and flat. Korus got a bad case of this. Oh man, Korus is playing now? That's awesome.

The poison stacks. On the fifth application, your head sprouts an enormous hammer. Korus is modeling this hammer, and looks dashing.

It's cold up there. Notice the washed-out color. That's from weak sunlight. Nice touch.

This fight was really boring. Veeza took a nap. Is that Veeza? Maybe. She was standing next to Gracor. But she was with a cat or something, and Veeza isn't a hunter. Undead can't be hunters anyway, can they? I DON'T KNOW. Let's say it was Veeza. She took a nap.

How cold was it? It was so cold that a dude can be just walking along and he freezes solid.

You had to keep moving real fast to keep it from happening. Dancing was a good way to keep from freezing. Look: No frozen people here.

Not disco, though. When you do that cover-of-Saturday-Night-Fever pose, the the "omg check out the ball up there it has MIRRORS ON IT yes that one right there I'm pointing right at it what do you mean which shiny ball" pose, then you're holding still.

And you'll freeze. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Lots of people froze. Soldac got jealous.

And there were many adventures along the way, in this bleak icy land of cold ice and flat icy cold sunlight. We digress for a moment to talk about the art design process, though, and why you shouldn't let any old artist come along and stick stuff on to another modeler's work. Especially if they've been drinking, and you don't even want to know what those guys drink. Behold:

It's not shown in this photo, but the guy is wearing a paisley tie. It works.

We stopped at the top of this hill for a fireworks display. That's how we get psyched up for the big fight. After the fireworks we make a campfire and sit around and share personal stories. This is how we bond. It is our way.

The boss was, of course, the legendary Bird-Footed Feathery Donut Beast of Northrend.

We've done him lots of times, but we had some new guys who needed to get attuned to Voltron's lair.

Next week: Voltron!

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